Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another month has passed and my life is crazy busy...

I'm currently working on a project, have another one in the works, and... I am doing a giveaway on my Facebook page!!!  My first one ever.  Still trying to figure out how to boost traffic to my Facebook page and gain likes.  So if you haven't already go to my Facebook page give it a like and a share and enter yourself into the drawing!! A winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, April 4th.

I have come across sooo many incredible pattern designers in the last few weeks and I've been adding patterns to my library.  If you haven't heard, Ravelry is a great place to find new patterns for free and for sale.  I LOVE their site.  It has great tutorials and forums for questions as well.  I am attempting my first free pattern on there this week.  With Easter quickly approaching, I thought it was only fitting to create a pattern for a newborn set featuring Easter bunny ears and tail.

Aren't these so adorable?  So I will be posting this as a free pattern on Ravelry. So go over and check it out and see what you think.

On to making dinner for the kids...

Until next time,

Crochetively Cute

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Business as usual...

You know... Starting a blog isn't easy.  Neither is starting a business, but when duty calls you answer. I crochet.  I am a crocheting nut.  I learned just a little over a year ago.  I taught myself through videos I found on the web. You can find her site here.  They were really awesome video lessons that were taught in first person view so that it was easy to replicate what she was doing.  So thank you Crafty Minx.  I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool my children.  We just bought a house last September and are loving being homeowners, but... in strolls in the financial burden of taking care of a home.  It's hard, it takes time and money, and being a one income family in this economy isn't easy as I'm sure everyone knows.  I have been looking for a way to generate some extra income for our little family without having to leave the comforts of my home and children.  Well, I have this friend who was about to have a baby.  I didn't have the funds to go buy her anything, but I thought I could make her something.  You know, cute, cuddly, everything a new mom wants her baby to be.  I did make her these:

Which just happens to be why I'm starting this blog and starting a new business.  Because these two photos have generated so much response that I couldn't help but answer accordingly.  I hope to get better and more informative in my blogging and grow as a writer as well as a crocheter. But for now what you see is what you get. I hope you like it. I will post pictures of my creations this week. If you would like to place an order with me just contact me by email and we will make it happen.